About Yokeru

Our mission is to give organisations a voice that understands individuals because we know that better communication means better support, and better support means happier communities. 

Our motto "Yokeru for Good" means a few things to us. At its core, it means long-term thinking and delivering on our promises. We developed our platform to improve the lives of vulnerable people within our community, and now we are using this tool to improve how businesses operate, all over the world. 

Quality customer service, as well as a first-and-best product, is our mission. We set ourselves high standards to meet your expectations, and we know that with the right partners, we can make an impact on how companies talk with customers.


Customer Service

We value long term relationships over short term results.

Every day, we're solving our customers' problems, while helping them understand the people they care about most. 

We appreciate that the voice of your organisation is its most important asset - how you speak to your customers is how they remember you. It is for this reason that we work tirelessly to ensure that the precious interactions we facilitate are as high quality as humanly possible. 

And if they're ever not up to standard, we are determined to say sorry, own up to our mistakes, and learn from the feedback you give us so that we can grow better in the future. We place long term relationships over short term results, so we're listening to you from minute one of our relationship.



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