About Yokeru

We grew up watching our Grandfather age alone. As his independence diminished, his dependency on his care provider increased. 

Information was critical to their relationship. Our Grandfather needed to know when his next carer visit would be. His provider needed to understand whether our Grandfather had taken his medication. 

Unfortunately, the flow of information was often imperfect because of time and cost.

When we realised technology was the solution, we started Yokeru.

Today, our mission is to build technology that understands individuals and provides helpful information to our customers. We realise that better information enables better support, and better support means healthier communities. 

Do get in touch, we'd love to talk. 

Monty & Hector, co-founders of Yokeru

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Yokeru for Good

We value long term relationships over short term results.

Our motto "Yokeru for Good" means a few things to us. At its core, it means long-term thinking and delivering on our promises. We developed our platform to improve the lives of vulnerable people within our community, and we are now working hard to support people across the UK.

Delivering terrific customer service and developing a first-and-best technology is our focus. Using leading technology, we are improving how organisations support vulnerable.