AI calls that enable human connection

Digitally inclusive

No app required
No one is excluded


State-of-the-art speech synthesis
Natural questions
Reassuring conversation

Rapid & Scaleable

Get calling within minutes
Rapidly scaleable 
Secure and confidential

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Groundbreaking speech synthesis is rich with emotion, intonation, and natural rhythm engages the individual.

Neural network

Deep learning neural network algorithms enhance automatic speech recognition.


AI calls deliver the same results as a traditional call centre, faster and for less resource.


For the first time, your organisation can have a direct conversation with any individual in your community.

Data security: Two-factor authentication and strict user permission controls.

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Accessible design: Easy for your team to use. Extensive training and support are available from every page.

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Maintain control: Manage individual or group AI call campaigns. Be flexible with the support you provide.