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Alex Smith

It didn’t take long for Alex Smith to make a big impact as our Designer. Professionalism, sharp attitude, and never without a smile, Alex Smith has become an invaluable asset to our studio family.

Max Johnson

[Yokeru's] system has made a “huge” difference. “Without the AI system it would have taken so much longer to contact everyone, taken staff away from other tasks, and left people in need waiting. Cash was tight before the Covid-19 crisis. Afterwards it’s going to be really tight. The demands placed on local authorities by this pandemic are immense. Every extra person we can free up through innovation is a person who can be providing direct help to residents elsewhere. We’ve clearly seen, over the last few months, that this is an effective way of making first contact in an urgent situation when you need to make contact with thousands of people. But automation always needs to work together with the human touch, which people expect.”

River Watts

River Watts is an absolute pleasure to have around. Their willingness to help and excellent problem solving abilities make River Watts the best Office Manager our design studio could hope for.



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