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Speak to any number of service users, at any time.

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  • 600+% ROI: Call centre agents are able to focus on speaking to service users who need  support.
  • 300,000+ calls made: Reliable and scalable platform.
  • Multi-lingual support: Speak to people in any language, anywhere.
  • Easy to use: Market-first platform designed by and for front-line staff at monitoring centres.

Enable proactive support with Yokeru Voice

Remote care

Remote care is here to stay, but speaking to many service users is hard to do and expensive, especially as budgets tighten.

Your customers are interested in supporting unmet needs as soon as they arise, but frequent calling is prohibitively expensive. AI can automate many routine calls at a low cost, but it has been challenging to implement to date.

Human-like AI calls

Conversational AI calls speak with thousands of people simultaneously, at a low cost. Moreover, Yokeru is fast to integrate and easy to implement.

Yokeru's platform makes it easy to make and manage AI calls at scale. Today, not every interaction needs a human agent: You can commit your team's time to care rather than call administration. With Yokeru, you can instantly increase your monitoring capacity.

“The use of Yokeru has two main benefits; it reduces the chances of people ‘slipping through the net', and also allows the council to implement preventative support. The technology means our community is safer and better supported.”

Westminster City Council

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