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"Understanding the needs of our community is critical. Using Yokerus AI calling platform, we are able to rapidly engage and listen to the opinions of our customers to inform key business decisions so that we can continue to provide our best possible service.” Delta Wellbeing

Traditional CSat letter surveys take months to reveal key information that informs strategic priorities. Often, the response rate is disappointing and the price is high. In a fast-moving market, this slows innovation.

Older people are often unable to use digital self-serve services. And so, to date the best way to collect the opinions and feedback from the elderly is by letter. Waiting months for customer feedback slows business decisions and erodes an organisation's competitive edge. Low survey response rates further hamper business decisions, leading to best-guesses rather than data-informed strategy.

For Delta Wellbeing, who provide innovative services such as the Delta Lifeline, the care landscape is changing fast. To stay ahead, waiting months to listen to their customers was too slow.

Instead of sending out thousands of letters which is time consuming, bad for the environment, and takes months to collect responses they rapidly converted their CSat paper surveys, with the help of the Yokeru team, into AI Call surveys.

These (newly worded) surveys were sent out via phone, instead of letter, in two languages: Welsh and English.

Residents received a call from Yokeru’s platform, who asked friendly, human-like questions and listened to the responses of the service user (both the spoken response and by key-press).

The results were collected and visualised instantaneously on the platform and, within one week, Delta had received substantially more responses, for a lower cost, and rapidly, when compared to letter-based surveys.

Thanks to AI surveys, Delta Wellbeing are able to listen to their customers in real-time, at scale, to inform critical business decisions.

Yokeru has made over 200,000 calls and has seen an average completion rate of 40% for CSat surveys.

Get in touch if you’re looking to increase the speed and response rate of your CSat surveys.

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