Enhance service user safety.

As a local authority, you have thousands of service users to look after. With Yokeru, you can automate personalised support that ensures your service users are safe, freeing up your front-line team to provide personal-centred care to those who need it.

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Deliver a bespoke service

Personalised support

Make calls at precisely the time your service users want, to the landline or mobile phone. They confirm they are okay, even when out and about.
Call result recieved
Janet williamson
Janet recieved a call at 09:25 this morning and confirmed she is okay today.

Resilient & reliable

Community coordinators, or your support team, manage phone calls on the secure & easy to use web-app. Be reassured that A.I. calls continue even if the team is absent.
Morning Check calls
87% of tenants are okay today
Your Community
Your community has 107 service users. Only two have not picked up the phone so far, and Yokeru has escalated the calls.

Get up and running in minutes.

Personalised tenant experience: Tenants decide when they receive the call, on their mobile or landline.
Become more effective: Community coordinators can now spend time on human-centred support, not on routine monitoring.
A trusted platform: We support thousands of tenants every day, to ensure they are safe and well.
Some testimonials

Feedback from our amazing customers

“Yokeru has made a great difference in how we communicate with residents, allowing us to get in contact with people quickly and being able to identify their specific needs."
Cllr Heather Acton
Cabinet Member at Westminster City Council
“I can’t see any reason why anyone wouldn’t use Yokeru Community, to be honest. It’s effective; it’s doing the job that it’s made to do."
Alison McClean
Scheme Coordinator at Radius Housing
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Some more testimonials

What our amazing customers say

"Yokeru's call based surveys empower us to gather insights quicker than ever before and have a positive environmental impact."
Gill Atkey
Monitoring Services Director at Appello
"Understanding the needs of our community is critical. Using Yokeru's AI calling platform, we are able to rapidly engage and listen to the opinions of our customers..."
Delta Wellbeing
“Working with Yokeru helped us keep thousands of residents safe and supported very quickly.”
Hammersmith and Fulham Council
"Leveraging [Yokeru's] artificial intelligence and information technology to help councils and local authorities identify and support people with unmet needs is a real gamechanger."
Imperial College London