It's 2020, and AI is calling

Chances are, whether you're a public body or private company, you do repetitive jobs over the phone. Calls like these take up your team's time, and cost you money. 

Yokeru makes these calls for you, meaning you have time to focus on what's mission critical.


Evolve your organisation

AI-driven companies will grow by £900 billion more than their less-informed peers in 2020.

AI calls allow you to reach a vast number of people simultaneously, and have a meaningful conversation with each of them.

Organisations, both large and small, rely on Yokeru to help them to scale their operation securely. 

Now, more than ever, organisations need to listen to individuals. Yokeru helps organisations understand the needs of their communities, whether they are cohorts of vulnerable individuals or a base of loyal customers.


"The potential gain from leveraging artificial intelligence and information technology to help councils and local authorities identify and support people with unmet needs is a real gamechanger."

Imperial College, London


AI Calls

Yokeru makes any number of AI calls, at any time or at the same time, allowing you to identify and qualify needs faster than was previously imaginable. 

AI calls have a 433% higher engagement rate than email outreach and are distributed at the same rapid speed. 

Yokeru's market-leading human-like speech synthesis, delivered in dynamic conversation flows, gives you the same outcomes as a traditional call centre, in a fraction of the time.


Let's have coffee

Get 30 minutes free expert advice. No cost, no obligation and no sales pitch.


How do AI calls work?

In short: AI calls work brilliantly. They deliver the same results as traditional call centres, faster and for less resource. They are how organisations should talk with individuals at scale. 

Yokeru's groundbreaking speech synthesis, that's rich with emotion, intonation, and natural rhythm engages the individual. Our advanced deep learning neural network algorithms aid automatic speech recognition (ASR) to help you understand the individual's needs. 

AI calls means that, for the first time, your organisation can have a direct conversation with any individual in your community.


AI calls that enable human connection

Digitally inclusive

No app required
No one is excluded


State-of-the-art speech synthesis
Natural questions
Reassuring conversation

Rapid & Scaleable

Get calling within a week
Rapidly scaleable 
Secure and confidential



Our amazing partners have worked with us to develop this service which solves a real-world problem faced by local authorities. Here's what they do best:


Pioneering data compliance support


Market leading cloud infrastructure provider

Imperial College

World renowned research establishment


Industry body and advocate for innovation


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