Keep tenants safe.

Keep tenants safe and give your scheme managers superpowers without the hassle of adopting complicated technology.

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What tenants & coordinators say 💬

I'm basic at computers, and even I can do it… If I can, literally anybody can! I add people, take people off, and adjust the call times. It's easy to do!


It's really useful for helping us remember the important events in our scheme!

Pat & Dorothy

I thought this might be like when Tesco introduced the self-checkout, but now I use my voice for the message; it brings it all back. It's so personal!

"It means you can plan your day, you know. When 9 o'clock comes, you know the call is going to come."

Sue, tenant in Belfast

Key features

Friendly check-ins automaically call your tenants each day. Have a complete call history and audit trail of support in your community.

  • ✅ Know that your tenants are well. No need to spend hours calling, knocking on their doors or being a personal detective

  • ✅ Support your tenants. Be certain wellbeing calls have been made every day, even if you're busy with an emergency.

  • ✅ Get important messages to your tenants, at any time. Keep them up to date with everything that's happening at your scheme.

  • ✅ Easy to use dashboard. See who answered the calls, who didn't, and who needs your help.

What our customers say 💬

Yokeru Community gives scheme managers the freedom to focus on the people who need them. It gives us the capability to call thousands of people at the same time. We're getting to people much quicker.

Radius Housing

Honestly, I cannot fault the product or the potential that it has in the telecare field!

Progress Lifeline

"Understanding the needs of our community is critical. Using Yokeru's AI calling platform, we are able to rapidly engage and listen to the opinions of our customers..."

Delta Wellbeing

"Yokeru empowers us to gather insights quicker than ever before and have a positive environmental impact."


Trusted by 27% of care connections in the UK

Powerful 🚀

Automatically call your tenants every day to understand who needs assistance. Free up your time to focus on the people who need your help most.

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