Empower Your Team & Keep Tenants Safe.

With Yokeru's web-app, your team can proactively check tenant safety regardless of staffing gaps. Seamlessly blend AI-powered phone calls, SMS, and staff checks to ensure your tenants are safe.

Give your tenants the support they deserve while gaining full visibility of tenant safety across every scheme.

"Yokeru demonstrates positive outcomes for tenants, for staff and for services dealing with increasing demand."
Nathan Downing
Consulting Director, TSA
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Why we go to work

Proactive support is critical. A phone call or SMS gives reassurance and identifies unmet needs. Like millions of families, we learned this by experience...

First, our grandmother had a fall and was found by chance by a neighbour. Had luck not intervened, the outcome would have been terrible.

Soon after, we saw our grandfather age alone in Birmingham. His relationship with his care provider became critical when he became vulnerable. He needed the reassurance of consistent connection with his provider. His provider needed to know he was safe.

Like most people, our grandparents each had a phone. So we decided to build technology on top of existing phone infrastructure, to support vulnerable people proactively.

We started at the beginning of the pandemic. First, Yokeru was used in covid-response by councils like Hammersmith & Fulham and Westminster. Then we developed Yokeru to support housing providers, authorities and monitoring centres, like Radius Connect 24, Careium and Appello.

We helped each to switch from a reactive to a proactive service. Today, services that use Yokeru do thousands of wellbeing checks and medication reminders daily, without impacting their capacity—in fact, services release capacity to help those in need.

We now enable and support the most extensive proactive services in the UK's history. Join us in shifting the care market from reactive to proactive.

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Powerful 🚀

Log in to Yokeru on your browser to keep track of tenant safety. View tenant wellbeing in all your schemes in Leadership View.

When you have staffing gaps, Yokeru automatically checks tenants to identify who needs help. Free up your teams time to focus on your most vulnerable tenants.

The problem

It's important to check tenant safety. Without checks, you risk tenant safety & reputational damage.

  • 1. Safety checks take time and effort, and team absences make it complicated.

  • 2. Leadership can't be certain tenant checks happen, especially across a vast area.

  • 3. Today, communicating with vulnerable people at scale (in emergencies) is impossible.

The solution

Your community support team logs into Yokeru's cloud hosted web-app, in their browser, to track the wellbeing of their tenants.

Address the challenges of time-consuming safety checks, staff absences, and maintaining oversight across large areas.
- Revolutionise communication with vulnerable tenants at scale, even in emergency situations.

  • Consistent Safety Checks: Guarantee tenant safety checks are conducted through AI phone calls, SMS, or staff calls. In case your team is busy or unavailable, our friendly automated check-ins will call your tenants daily to ensure their well-being.

  • Live Tenant Safety Overview: Gain real-time insights into tenant safety across your schemes through an intuitive dashboard.

  • Automated Checks During Staff Unavailability: Save valuable time and resources by automating tenant checks when staff are unavailable - no more hours spent on calls, door knocking, or detective work. Easily track call responses, unresponsive tenants, and those in need of assistance.

Find the 0.5% of tenants
who need you.
Help them sooner.
Ten-fold increase
in your capacity to do
proactive checks.
Yokeru demonstrates a
400% Return on Investment
within weeks.
We support 44%
of care connections
via our ARC customers.
"We've increased our service capacity from 1,000 calls a day to 10,000 calls a day ... This is at a time when most centres are experiencing record capacity constraints."

Kevin McSorely

Head of Radius Connect 24


Be certain tenant safety checks happen, whether by AI phone call, SMS, or staff call. If your team is busy or unavailable, friendly automated check-ins automatically call your tenants each day to confirm they are safe.

Have a complete call history and audit trail of support in your community.

  • Know that your tenants are well. View a live overview of tenant safety across your schemes.

  • Automate checks when staff are unavailable. No need to spend hours calling, knocking on their doors or being a personal detective.

  • Easy to use dashboard. See who answered the calls, who didn't, and who needs your help.

What our customers say

Yokeru Community gives scheme managers the freedom to focus on the people who need them. It gives us the capability to call thousands of people at the same time. We're getting to people much quicker.

Radius Housing

Honestly, I cannot fault the product or the potential that it has in the telecare field!

Progress Lifeline

"Understanding the needs of our community is critical. Using Yokeru's AI calling platform, we are able to rapidly engage and listen to the opinions of our customers..."

Delta Wellbeing

"Yokeru empowers us to gather insights quicker than ever before and have a positive environmental impact."


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"It means you can plan your day, you know. When 9 o'clock comes, you know the call is going to come."

Sue, tenant in Belfast

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