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Scale up your care agency, with AI

Advanced automated phone calls help you communicate with vulnerable customers, and scale your welfare check & medication reminder services.

"We've increased our service capacity from 1,000 calls a day to 10,000 calls a day ... This is at a time when most centres are experiencing record capacity constraints."

Kevin McSorely, Head of Radius Connect 24


Cutting-edge technology empowers care agencies to effortlessly monitor patient wellbeing and automate communication.

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  • Wellbeing Checks: Keep track of patient health at scale with automated welfare checks.

  • Customer Communication: Notify customers of schedule changes instantly and without hassle.

  • Medication Prompts: Remind patients about their medication schedule with automated calls.


Fast to deploy, easy to scale.

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  • Transparency: Gain clear insights into wellbeing checks across your service.

  • Scalability: Expand your patient care without the worry of administrative overload.

  • Efficiency: Save valuable time with automated calls and notifications.

  • Customisation: Tailor support to meet the specific needs of your customers.

"Yokeru demonstrates positive outcomes for tenants, for staff and for services dealing with increasing demand."
Nathan Downing
Consulting Director, TSA
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What our customers say

Yokeru Community gives scheme managers the freedom to focus on the people who need them. It gives us the capability to call thousands of people at the same time. We're getting to people much quicker.

Radius Housing

Honestly, I cannot fault the product or the potential that it has in the telecare field!

Progress Lifeline

"Understanding the needs of our community is critical. Using Yokeru's AI calling platform, we are able to rapidly engage and listen to the opinions of our customers..."

Delta Wellbeing

"Yokeru empowers us to gather insights quicker than ever before and have a positive environmental impact."