It is now more important than ever that we are aware of alarms having issues with the new digital network.
The problem

Unless the service user contacts the ARC to alert them of a disconnection, it is impossible to know the equipment works. In this case, the only way to identify a problem is by calling service users. In line with TSA guidelines, ‘alarm test’ phone calls dial those who have not recently pressed their pendant. Monitoring centres often don’t have the capacity to make these proactive phone calls. Every month Progress Lifeline was calling ~1000 tenants checking their equipment worked. This capacity was better used for emergency response.

The solution

Every month, Progress Lifeline generates a list of service users. Rather than manually dialling this list, Progress Lifeline uploads these tenants to Yokeru. This takes one operator a minute. Progress specifies when they want the calls and presses 'start'. Tenants receive a call asking them to test their alarm. Although Yokeru can make 100,000+ calls/hour, Yokeru spreads the calls evenly. This ensures the monitoring centre is not overwhelmed with the test calls. Calls are not set up at busy times, such as on the first of the month or at 9 o’clock.  

The outcomes

Of the service users who picked up the call, 60% responded to the questions. Out of the tenants who responded, 77% placed a test call, and 23% flagged an issue with their equipment. This has meant that tenants who may have been disconnected, or have a technical issue, are identified. This service keeps tenants safe and connected.  

In Progress Lifeline’s words
Honestly, I cannot fault the product or the potential that it has in the telecare field! - Barry, Technology Development Lead, Progress Lifeline

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