The challenge

All organisations seek to provide the highest possible service, and it's essential when supporting vulnerable people.

Appello, the UK's leading provider of digital telecare and Technology Enabled Care (TEC) services, recognises the importance of accurate feedback in developing their service. With over 280,000 vulnerable service users, engaging in a timely manner can be challenging.

Like the rest of the market, surveys have been conducted by post or email. But Appello recognised that traditional survey methods are not optimal.

Postal CSat surveys have low response rates, are expensive, and responses take many months to collate. This means that feedback is out of date, and problems can go un-remedied. Equally, emails achieve a low response rate and are digitally exclusive.

Appello needed to find a fast and dynamic way to collect feedback.

Yokeru's solution

Today, using Yokeru, Appello has been running 5,500 surveys in a week. Reports packed with analysis are delivered within days, not months. For the first time ever, Appello can dynamically survey its service users and not be constrained to the annual feedback cycle.

Ultimately, the solution has enabled Appello to be more dynamic in receiving both positive and constructive feedback, reducing the delay between service usage and research to obtain a more accurate response to the service received. These improvements reduce the time between feedback and follow up actions, improving the customer experience.

Furthermore, the improvements and automation in the process enable research to be undertaken more regularly, creating a 'live' picture of service, which allows trend analysis compared to previous snapshots of the year.

- Advanced technology

Each service user is invited to give feedback in a concise phone call. Service users receive market-first Yokeru calls, which are automated and utilise AI. The Yokeru chat-bot, embedded in the phone call, asks questions and take a combination of spoken and key-press responses. The responses are transcribed and analysed by Yokeru and delivered in a report within days.

- Rapid results‍

The world is moving very fast, and adapting to changing circumstances is vital to keep services improving. With this technology, Appello's response rate was 40% higher than post, and Appello received the results in a week, not in months.

- Resource-efficient‍

Yokeru delivers an ROI on traditional postal surveys of 470%. This means Appello can survey 4x+ more service users for the equivalent amount. This does not consider the additional costs associated with resources, which can be significant when managing a manual paper-based customer survey.

Working with Yokeru we have seen real progress in how we obtain dynamic feedback from service users, which will enable us to enhance our service offerings. Call based surveys will empower us to gather insights quicker than ever before and have a positive environmental impact. We are looking forward to working further with Yokeru to embed these processes into our business further."  - Gill Atkey, Monitoring Services Director

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